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Fine sand recycling

Fine sand recycling

Product name: Fine sand recycling machine</br>
Product number:XSCH</br>
Capacity: Water<300-800m³/h Feed amount<100-200T/h</br>
Total power:50-115KW</br>
Total Weight:7-10T
Product description

The sand is flushed and hydrated by the feeding vibration screen through the PU protection fence (opening 30mm). The water level is controlled by a float valve (M) (automatically installed in the sand storage tank). If it is insufficient, it is replenished by the water in the recovery tank. The mortar is pumped out by the sand pump through the tube. The flow direction is fixed and enters the cyclone along the tangential direction to produce a kind of vortex effect. The sand particles are thicker than 200 mesh and are pulled to the cone by centrifugal force. The inner wall of the barrel becomes the concentrated mortar sprayed into the nozzle, and then dewatered into the dewatering vibration screen to dry the sand into the chute, which is then sent out by the conveyor belt. Sewage (including silt and clay) directly enters the overflow pipe from the back of the cyclone, flows into the water tank below the cyclone, and is discharged through the drainage pipe.

The dewatering vibrating screen uses an anti-slope dewatering plate with a gap opening of 0.5 to 1mm. There are two vibration motors that generate linear vibration, so that the sand bed (sand cake) climbs up the slope directly to the chute, and the filtered water is recovered. The storage tank cleans and dehydrates the sand with a humidity of 20% to 25% (adjustable).

The dewatering board is made of polyurethane.The abrasion part of the sand pump can be made of rubber or hard material.That is to say, this sand washer is equipped with a protective material to prevent abrasion (usually more than half a year, depending on the loss of raw materials) Sex is different).

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