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In the spirit of "honesty for others, enthusiastic service, pragmatic innovation, and first-class quality", we work hard on business thinking, internal management and service levels.

Pre-sale service

According to the needs of the owner, combined with factors such as the type of feed, output specifications and output requirements of the crushing project, preliminary preparations can be made after the preparatory stages such as site selection, site survey, and analysis of materials (composition, iron content, and water content). Effective implementation schemes include the basic layout, the configuration of steel structures for renting concrete, the selection of main equipment and conveying box sub-equipment, the arrangement of environmental protection facilities for dust removal and noise reduction, and the stacking and transportation of materials. In the actual production process, it is also necessary to set the machine's operating parameters in real time so that the backup equipment can cooperate with each other more reasonably in order to play a better performance, to maximize the final output and guarantee the quality. Chunhui's engineer team will carefully plan all of this for you with careful and professional technology, and configure the most economical and applicable equipment process layout plan.

Sale service

Provide equipment process layout and equipment foundation construction drawings.

Before the construction of the customer's equipment, the foundation is laid out for the customer. After the equipment arrives at the customer's site, the installer guides, installs, and commissions, and provides free training for the operator.

After sales service

The equipment implements the "three guarantees" service, the warranty period is one year (except for wearing parts), and it provides technical consulting services for life. After receiving the customer's fault call, we will provide a solution immediately, which requires on-site technicians to handle the problem. It will arrive at the scene within 12 hours to 72 hours in China and 3-7 days abroad to repair and troubleshoot until normal production is resumed. Provide high-quality and good-priced finished accessories.

Customer return visit

Regularly return visits, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, understand equipment usage, track equipment quality, and introduce customers to new technologies and products for crushing and screening equipment.

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