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Sand washing and dewatering machine

Sand washing and dewatering machine

Product name: Sand washing machine</br>
Product number:TSCH</br>
Processing capacity:150m³/h</br>
Total power:11-21KW
Product description

Features and advantages

The sand washing and dewatering integrated machine combines the advantages and characteristics of the two equipments of sand washing machine and dewatering screen. This equipment greatly reduces the mud, water, dust and impurities in the sand, and improves the quality and price of the sand. Low energy consumption, Use failure rate is low.


Structure and Principle

1. Structural composition: It consists of dewatering screen, bucket, cleaning box, reducer, motor and other components.

2. Working principle: The sand-water mixture enters the washing box of the sand washer; the sand is washed out by the washing box; the sand is removed through the bucket screen; it falls into the dewatering screen for dehydration treatment and removes a large amount of water in the sand.

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