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The working principle of the filter press is that the material liquid to be filtered enters each filter chamber through the feed hole of the thrust plate under a certain pressure through the feed pump. Through the filter cloth, the solids are trapped in the filter chamber and gradually A filter cake is formed; the liquid is discharged out of the machine through a water outlet. With the progress of the filtration process, filter cake filtration begins, the thickness of the mud cake gradually increases, and the filtration resistance increases. When the filter cake reaches a certain thickness or fills the entire frame, the filtration stops. Open the plate frame, take out the filter cake, clean the filter cloth, refit and proceed to the next cycle.

The solidification of mud cake is conducive to rear-end disposal and reuse: the moisture content of decemented cake is as low as 25%, which can reduce the amount of mud cake, which can reduce transportation costs and landfill disposal costs. Raw materials in the field can also be used as backfill soil or soil improvement to achieve the purpose of waste reduction or recycling. The filtrate is clear and can be recycled to a clear pond for recycling.

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