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Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment

Product description

Intelligent dosing system:

This product can intelligently detect the concentration of wastewater, and automatically control the amount of dosing according to the concentration of wastewater to reduce the cost of reagents and labor. The monitoring system technology is shown in the following figure:

Sewage treatment


Intelligent automatic dosing detection system:

In the past, the traditional dosing device only output quantitatively by pump to the dosing point and then manually control the dosing amount by the valve. However, because the amount of raw materials and the mud content have been changing, the concentration of wastewater also changes from time to time. Can not achieve the best coagulation effect of medicinal products. Once the coagulation effect is not good, the quality of recycled water and washed out gravel will be aroused.

In order to improve this serious problem, this system is specially equipped with an intelligent automatic dosing detection system. It does detect the plume sedimentation speed of wastewater after dosing and sends a signal to the logic controller (PLC) to decide to increase or decrease the dosing amount. To ensure:

①Coagulation effect of adding medicine;

② reduce the cost of dosing;

③ Guarantee the quality of recovered water;

④ guarantee the quality of sand and gravel;

⑤ Reduce labor costs


Equipment selection basis

Sewage treatment


Systemic wastewater treatment advantages:

The traditional wastewater treatment is to treat the three parts of fine sand recovery, sewage concentration and sludge compression separately. The correlation of the three is not fully considered. Although the gap between the single types of equipment is not very large, the three are inherited from the past. Relationship is also an important factor in determining the effectiveness of the entire sewage treatment.

At present, the set of sewage system we provide is designed by Taiwan's professional manufacturer of sewage treatment. Its patented technology in sewage treatment has nearly 30 items. It fully combines equipment performance and systemic advantages from the design concept and technology development, making The effect of sewage treatment has broken the barriers of traditional sewage treatment L from both individual equipment and overall treatment. It is more efficient, saves costs, and realizes the true recycling of wastewater treatment.


Engineering calculation of wastewater treatment volume

Sewage treatment

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